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What's Coming is Better Than What is Gone Mug

A one of a kind, hand- crafted and hand- painted mug. Each mug includes a sample package of Free Citizen's organic hand-crafted homemade loose leaf tea mix.

Made from ceramic and fired at a high temp to ensure durability and quality. 

This mug holds 12oz.

Food and Microwave safe. Dishwasher safe, although we recommend washing by hand.

*Please note: These are hand-painted, one of a kind mugs made with care by Aisha Branch of Free Citizen. Because each item is unique and one of a kind, they may have slight imperfections including texture and color disparity throughout the piece. To preserve the hand painted design, these vessels are recommended to be hand-washed. 

Free Citizen Loose Leaf Tea is an organic, non-gmo, no sugar added tea. The tea has a refreshing taste with peppermint, fennel, basil and licorice. The tea tastes naturally sweet through the licorice being added.