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You Are Welcome Here from Founder Aisha Branch

You Are Welcome Here from Founder Aisha Branch

Before you go another step in your day, know you are being smiled on right this very moment.

I used to think God was some untouchable idol that wouldn't dare speak a word to me because of all the wrong I had done in my life. I knew I was far from perfect and I thought I had to be perfect in order for God to bless me or love me. That was before I knew who He was.

I had been on a journey of trying to have a relationship with God but was struggling, and then I hit the most traumatic season of my life to date. I felt worthless, empty and I honestly didn't think I deserved anything good. I went into a deep depression and i don't even remember the sun in those hard months. I just remember darkness.

I didn't know what else to do other than cry out to God in helplessness. I cried to Him, begging Him to forgive my sins and take away my pain. I thought I deserved nothing but hell, but I felt He was my only hope for peace and redemption. 

One day, while I was deep in tears, I cried out to God again. I thought if He ever spoke to me, He would just condemn me to hell and bring his lightning bolt down to destroy me once and for all. But on this day, I heard His voice and it was nothing I could have imagined. 

The first thing He said to me was "You are beautiful." I remember I was in a shock at what I was hearing. He told me He had great plans for me and before I even asked, He threw my sins in the depth of the ocean to be remembered no more. He forgave me before I even asked. He told me He had great plans for me if I were to follow Him and He will give me a life that when I grow old I will look back and only see Him.

It's like I could feel the pain and darkness leave my body and for the first time in a long time, I felt peace. A peace that is indescribable. A peace that never ends. I knew from that moment on my life would be forever changed as I experienced God in a way I never knew I would. How could a God who is perfect love me who is imperfect?

Through the years of now living for Him, He has shown me a lot about His love. How it's patient and sweet. How is does not condemn, but it guides and teaches us what is good and aligned with His will. He is our shepherd. He doesn't discriminate. He loves each and everyone with his whole heart. 

We get too caught up in the and forget the one who took it. We as a society look too much at right vs. wrong instead of focusing on the Just One. Through Free Citizen I hope to put our eyes back on Jesus and let Him do His individual work in each of us. To help set us free from anything we need freedom from. We just want to help guide you to the one who loves you more than you could ever imagine.You are welcome here. No matter where you are at in your journey of life.

God is smiling ear to ear simply for you being you. 



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